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winterize your boat

Slip & Falls This Winter

We've been fortunate to have a mild autumn, so far, but Old Man Winter is just around the corner. With lower temps comes the threat of snow and ice and with that comes the danger of slipping and falling. All of us at Syntex Industries wants you to be...READ MORE



winterize your boat

Winter's Coming!

We've been pretty spoiled with a beautiful summer and a mild fall this year, but it's inevitable that winter will come in with freezing winds and piles of snow. If you haven't prepared your property for winter's chill, it's not too late. Syntex Industries...READ MORE



pallet cover

Cover Your Pallet

It doesn't make sense to work hard to make the best product you can, plan on the best way to ship it, and load it all on a pallet, only to leave the pallet exposed to the elements. Syntex Industries wants to help you protect your investment with durable...READ MORE



truck tarp

Choosing A Tarp for Your Load

Making sure you have the right tarp for the job is a big decision. You need the right size, thickness, and style for the load you're hauling. We're here to help you! The easiest way to get the best tarp for your truck, trailer, or wagon is to contact the experts...READ MORE



epa tarp

The Right Tarp for the Job

Just like how trailers are different for what they are hauling, the tarps you need to protect that load are different. Each application has different specifications that are needed, depending on what you are doing. Syntex Industries has the right tarp for...READ MORE



epa tarp

Show'rbags by Syntex Industries

Just what exactly is a Show'rbag? If you've ever had a cast or stitches, you know how hard it is to shower or bathe without getting things wet that shouldn't. Syntex Industries makes it possible to protect your bandages and casts from getting wet...READ MORE



epa tarp

EPA Tarps by Syntex Industries

Syntex Industries manufactures EPA tarps. These tarps have an 18" hole and are necessary when hauling a load that contains dimethyl disulfide (DMDS). Many places won't load you if you don't have the right tarp and you can be fined, so it's important...READ MORE



power trapStay Clean and Dry with Syntex Products

If you've ever had to stand in the rain or kneel down in the dirt or mud to unload your trailer, you know what a pain it can be! Syntex Industries is here to help keep you dry, clean, and safe. We have products that you can operate from a dry location, some...READ MORE



recycling bin coversDon't Be A Litter Bug!

You're doing your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but Mother Nature and her animals are doing their part to throw your trash all around the neighborhood. The wind blows your papers down the street and critters drag your yogurt cups into the neighbor's...READ MORE