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Regulations in Iowa for Truck Tarps

Regulations in Iowa for Truck Tarps

According to the Iowa DOT in regards to cargo securement: "All cargo transported on commercial motor vehicles must be secured according to the regulations found in 49 CFR 393.100-393.136. Cargo transported on noncommercial vehicles and implements of husbandry must be secured according to Iowa Code 321.460. In general terms, all cargo must be loaded within or secured on a vehicle in a manner that prevents it from falling, leaking, spilling, blowing, sifting, or otherwise escaping from the transport vehicle. Methods of securement may include using an enclosed vehicle with blocking and bracing, or the use of tie-downs, side kits, covers, and tarpaulins as needed on open top and flatbed vehicles."

Not all states in the US require truck tarps, but many of them do. It's important to be aware of any state regulations in regards to securing your truck's cargo. Syntex Industries makes custom truck tarps to ensure that your cargo is safe and secure. Safety and security are incredibly important, but state regulations are the law that you need to follow.

Federal Regulations in Regards to Truck Tarps

We recommend reviewing the following websites for information on federal information about carrier safety.

It's important to know state and federal information about what you need to do to transport your cargo and to see if you need a truck tarp. Our truck tarps are made of durable materials and are customizable to fit your needs. To learn more, contact Syntex Industries and ask for information about custom truck tarps today.