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Mason City, IA

Mason City, IAMason City, Iowa is home to hard-working people that know a good deal when they see it. Syntex Industries is proud to offer our product to the people of Mason City. Our line of Marine, Agricultural, and Fire Industry supplies can be found throughout the area, in addition to other products we offer.

Marine Industry in Mason City

Since Mason City is located near Clear Lake and other bodies of water, there are quite a few boats in the area. We offer replacement boat lift canopies, custom boat covers, and more in a variety of colors to protect your boat against sun and mildew damage. Check out our large selection of marine protection.

Ag & Construction Industry in Mason City

Syntex Industries is dedicated to providing the highest quality tarps and protection at affordable prices for the agricultural and construction industry. We can cover your trailers, carts, wagons, and hoppers. You can choose from manually operated or electrically powered kits for your equipment, along with parts and hardware to keep your products protected.

Fire Protection Industry in Mason City

Firefighting is an important job and we take the responsibility of supplying our firefighters with the best product very seriously. In the middle of a call is not the time to find out your tarps and other items are flawed or cheaply made. We offer covers for your fire protection needs like hose beds, floor runners, salvage covers, and stage mats. You can also choose from a selection of crosslay covers, portable water tanks, and ground covers.

More Products in Mason City

Syntex Industries is more than tarps for your vehicles, we also make awnings, pallet covers, playground canopies, shower bags, and custom jobs. You've probably seen our products around town and not even known it! We specialize in customized products, so contact us today to see what we can do for your home or business.

Our products and people are the best in the industry and we have worked hard to gain a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. Give us a call and see why we're the one to contact for all of your tarp, cover, and customized needs.